Anna and Paul: Law School Loves to Serene September Wedding

Anna and Paul: Law School Loves to Serene September Wedding

Anna and Paul met in law school, and going straight from graduation into their wedding, they were both looking for a relaxed vibe for their special day. And they were successful in doing just that, getting married at an outdoor venue by the water in Virginia on a late summer day. They obviously needed invitations fit for their power couple status, while still mirroring the serenity of their venue and their desire for chill vibes post law school. 


Anna and Paul wedding day nature background

Photo by Jessica Barrett Photography

Color was very important to the couple. They went with a bold burgundy for late summer, and a deep navy to signify the move into fall. Anna was inspired by the timing and venue when picking out the details of their wedding, like her dress.

I wanted something that was light and elegant, but also kind of simple at the same time to match our outdoor wedding,” she said. “So that was the vibe, elegant but simple at the same time, and kind of just relaxed outside and something that everyone could enjoy.”


Anna and Paul getting married by the water

Photo by Jessica Barrett Photography

We channeled that energy into her stationery, and moved forward with a sweet n’ simple, one-piece invitation with a very clean layout, while incorporating flowers to tie in the nature aspect and their colors.


“I definitely wanted something that reflected our wedding colors and our venue too, so more of an outdoor, nature vibe,” Anna said. “ I didn't want anything too extravagant, just something clean and simple, but still with those elegant touches.”


Anna and Paul wedding invitation with popcorn favors

Adorable snap of the invitation with Chicago mix popcorn favors - where Anna is from originally!

One of the elegant touches I had to suggest was navy envelopes with addresses printed in white ink. I’m seriously such a sucker for dark cardstock with white ink, and the couple was too!

“I really loved the envelopes, the navy and the white ink was so good,” Anna said. “It was so sharp and it was another nice way to incorporate the wedding colors. I liked how it stood out, it was really cool. It made it feel important and fancy. Like, ‘you didn’t get a card in the mail, you got an invitation to Anna and Paul’s wedding.’” 

The invitations mirrored the elegant vibes of the rest of the decor and venue, from the greenery and candle centerpieces, the calm nature backdrop, and the dreamy tea lights floating in the water at night. The couple also had the most beautiful navy and burgundy flower arrangements, and the florals on the invitations matched swimmingly. 

Overall, the couple enjoyed having a custom invitation experience to bring their vision to life and make a part of their planning stress free amidst their busy lives.

“Having someone that knew what they were doing and taking control of that aspect of wedding planning so I could focus on other stuff, and I knew that I would get a really quality product that I liked was really good,” Anna said. “It made the whole process easier.”

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