How to make beautiful font pairings for your wedding invitations

How to make beautiful font pairings for your wedding invitations

Typefaces have a way of evoking emotions or setting a certain vibe. The fonts you choose and the way you mix them can make your invitations elegant, provocative, or uniquely you.

First, let’s talk about the four different kinds of type: serif, sans-serif, script, and decorative. A serif is the small line at the end of each letter. In contrast, sans-serif typefaces do not have serifs at the end of each letter. Script typefaces mimic cursive, calligraphy, or handwriting. And decorative typefaces are stylish and typically used for headlines or callouts to embellish a piece.

Is your taste classic? Modern? Traditional? Chic? Quirky? Let’s bring it to life through the typefaces you use.

A script forward design can be pretty, cute, or elegant. Pair it with sans-serif for a clean, modern look. Or, go serif for a more traditional vibe. (examples below)


Go serif forward for a classic look, and accent it with touches of script or decorative to infuse personality.

Sans-serif makes for a modern or elevated look. Add in serif, script, or decorative to soften it or create balance.

Decorative typefaces can be quirky and show your personality! Pair with serif or sans-serif to keep it clean and ensure important information is legible.

A typical design “rule” is to stick to two typefaces, but more can always be added if done in a way that adds to the piece. You can also utilize different font weights, sizes, or italics to add variance and organization. The most important thing is that the fonts are utilized in a way that communicates information clearly while infusing your personality.

When working with your invitation designer, it’s helpful to show them examples of invitations you gravitate towards. If you already know you love a certain typeface, be sure to communicate it. Maybe you love the clean, modern lines of a sans-serif, or you want the traditional look a serif typeface can create. This will allow your designer to determine what kind of style you like, and they’ll be be able to choose typefaces accordingly.

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