How to pick out the perfect greeting card

How to pick out the perfect greeting card

I have always loved greeting cards, whether buying them or creating them. Whether quirky, sentimental, simple, funny, or beautifully designed.

If you’re like me, you can spend hours looking in the card aisle or at a gift shop to find the right one. It’s a bit cheesy, but I love cards so much, I just had to write a post sharing my tips for finding the perfect card.


Make it personal

A lot of greeting cards have very specific topics — they can be about pizza, plants, politics, etc. They can also be humorous or sappy, word-driven or design-driven. Go with one that will resonate with the person you’re getting the card for. Even if it’s more of a “just because” card and not for a specific purpose—like a birthday or bridal shower—if your loved one lives for happy hour and you find a happy hour theme card that makes you think of them, it’s much more meaningful than a generic “happy birthday” message.


Keep some cards on deck

It’s always good to keep some cards on hand for when you’re in a pinch. See one that is beautiful, one that makes you laugh, or one that just really reminds you of someone but you don’t have a specific reason to give them one at the time but will soon? I find it extremely helpful to keep a collection of cards that really speak to me for last minute events or when I don’t have time to get one. “Just because” cards are perfect for this because they can work for any occasion!


Don’t ignore your own needs

Are you not much of a writer? Go with something that has a lot of messaging, or a more direct message. Do you have a lot to say? Go with a larger size or a blank card.


Go with your gut

Lastly, it sounds generic, but go with what speaks to you. The right card will always jump out at you.

Serif & Spice cards strive to be thoughtful and sweet with a range of  topics to resonate with your loved ones. I hope you’ll keep our cards in mind for your next celebration, or when you simply need to send a loved one a little pick me up. Browse cards here.

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