Suman and Malkeet: Passport to Love

Suman and Malkeet: Passport to Love

Suman and Malkeet are all about taking traditions and making them their own. And that’s exactly what they did for their destination wedding in Mexico. They leaned into the destination vibes for their invitations and made them culture and family focused. I absolutely loved how their stunning passport and boarding pass invitations turned out!


passport and boarding pass wedding invitations


When working with their wedding planner, Suman described wanting each aspect to be traditional while being memorable and fun. That’s what led them to choosing a destination wedding.

“We wanted a fun, intimate, traditional Indian wedding,” Suman said. “That was our whole goal and that's what we planned for and that’s what we got.”

When it came to designing the invitations, the couple wanted to keep it close to the actual passport and boarding pass look without adding beachy imagery like flowers and palm trees, although they had a beach wedding.

“When it comes to decoration, I like it bold. Something not cute-sy, but bold and makes a statement,” Suman said. “So that’s why we chose blue and gold.”

I worked closely with Suman and Malkeet to iron out the vibe, plus the smaller details, like the fonts and their symbol on the front and back, which resulted in a design that the couple felt matched their personalities while fitting seamlessly into the vision of their overall day.


passport and boarding pass wedding invitation

The passport designs set the tone and got the couple’s guests excited for the wedding.

“It caused people to talk more, get more excited about it,” Suman said. “It kind of set the vibe, like ‘their wedding's gonna be different.’”

Another important aspect of the invitations was the language. According to Suman, on traditional Indian wedding invitations, usually only the bride’s parents and grandfather’s names are included. We included both her grandmother and grandfather’s names from both sides of her family on the invitations.

“I wanted my grandma and my grandpa from both sides,” Suman said. “So I wanted it to be very intimate in that manner.” 

While the couple had originally found some passport invitation templates, they hadn’t found the right design that also focused on Indian culture. Going fully custom allowed them to incorporate the traditional aspects into the passport design, while still making them completely their own.

“You made it very family focused and very culture focused too, like adding my grandparents names to it, both sides,” Suman said. “It made it more meaningful, like some of the messages and the Punjabi - we might have not had those options working with a template.”

According to Suman, the phrase “Aajo Mexico Chalye” on their invitation means “let’s all go to Mexico” in Punjabi. It was a special aspect of their invites that fit their theme and  got everyone excited.

“The Punjabi phrase ‘Aajo Mexico Chalye’ - it’s a song actually, and everyone was obsessed with that song,” Suman said. “So it’s the lyrics, and also a fun way of saying ‘let's all go to Mexico.’ The song actually came out right before our wedding too, so it was a hit.”

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