The beauty of “just because” greeting cards

The beauty of “just because” greeting cards

Many greeting cards aren’t tied to a specific event (ie: birthdays, holidays, graduation, etc.), but rather simply share a sweet message, humor, or beautiful art. I’m personally a big fan of the “just because” greeting cards as much as event specific cards. Here’s a few reasons why they are awesome:


They give you flexibility

Since they aren’t tied to a specific holiday or celebration, you can use them to celebrate anything! Birthdays, promotions, farewells, congratulations or simply saying hello. The possibilities are endless. They work for any occasion or no occasion at all, so long as they are personal to your recipient. Which leads into my next point…


They can be more personal

I can’t count how many times I’ve seen a card in the store that wasn’t tied to a specific occasion, but reminded me of a friend or family member simply because the content was something that I knew they liked or would enjoy. Many “just because” cards cover a wide range of fun topics from avocados to house plants to Italian food to dogs and cats. A message or image that reminds you of someone makes it meaningful. Be sure to add a personal message inside as the cherry on top.


It’s fun and meaningful to send one just to let someone know you were thinking of them

If you prefer event specific cards for life’s special moments like birthdays and holidays, the “just because” cards are still perfect for just that—just because. It’s always lovely to receive to a sweet message just saying hi.


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