Why custom personal stationery is always a good idea

Why custom personal stationery is always a good idea

Picture this. You’re arriving home from a long day at work. You open your mailbox and sift through the usual bills and ads. But what’s that at the bottom? A small cream colored envelope addressed to you. It’s a letter from a friend! The day just got a little sweeter.


In an increasing digital world, sending and receiving handwritten notes is impactful. And while it’s already an incredibly personal gesture to put pen to paper, a wonderful way to elevate your letter writing and infuse even more personality is through custom designed stationery. It allows you to express who you are, can help you stand out in a professional setting, and most of all, it’s fun.


Here’s why custom personal stationery is always a good idea:


It’s memorable

Having a custom design for your stationery is kind of like the cherry on top. It’s a little touch of you that makes it all the more memorable, personal, and sweet. It can be very professional and make you stand out when writing a thank you note to a colleague, manager, or job interviewer. And it also just infuses a little more meaning and personality into the notes you write to friends and family.


You get to incorporate your favorite things

It’s called personal stationery, after all. That said, the sky is the limit. Do you love pineapples? Add a pineapple. Have strong family ties? Include your family crest. Your designer will also customize it with your favorite colors and fonts. Learn about font pairings here.


Have fun choosing an amazing paper

The vessel that carries your letter and design should fit your wants and personality, too. So make it fancier than the paper in your standard office printer. Be bold with a heavier stock, or choose a lovely linen or soft, cottony texture. You can opt for a natural or cream color, or make a statement with a different color entirely. The paper you choose both personalizes it and makes it fun.


It makes a thoughtful gift

Have a friend or family member who loves letter writing? Show them you really know them by having a custom design made for them. Incorporate their favorite things, add their favorite colors, pick a font that reflects their personality, and choose paper that brings it all together. Personal stationery is a delightful gift to celebrate birthdays, promotions, or weddings. I recently had a client have me design custom stationery for her friend, which she gifted to her at her bridal shower. It included one design for the couple together, and one for the bride personally. Such a sweet gift idea!


It’s all about you

When having your custom stationery created, you’ll work one-on-one with a designer who’s job is to create stationery that perfectly reflects you. You’ll chat about your vision and inspiration, likes and dislikes, and goals for the stationery. And at the end of it, you’ll end up with a product that is uniquely you.

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