Types of paper for wedding invitations

Types of paper for wedding invitations

Choosing the right cardstock for your wedding or event invitations is an important step for presentation, aesthetics, and feel. However, with myriad options out there, it can get a little overwhelming (in an exciting way, of course). I’ll break it down into some main paper categories used for invitations.



Smooth stock is just that—smooth. It works wonderfully if you’re having your invitations digitally printed, or if your design includes large color blocks or photos. It’s typically the most cost effective option. Smooth paper comes in 3 categories - matte, gloss, or silk (silk being smoother than matte, but not as shiny as gloss).



Eggshell is commonly used for wedding invites as it is a great middle ground in terms of price point and texture. It has more texture than smooth stock, making it an elegant option for an invitation. It works for both digital or letterpress printing (the example in the photo for this blog post is a digital print on an eggshell cover). It’s also lovely for personal stationery. See an example here.



Cotton cardstock is soft, smooth, and luxurious to the touch as cloth is the main material used to make it. It typically has the highest price point and is amazing for letterpress, foil, or water color.



Linen paper is made from flax fibers and contains a crosshatch pattern/texture. It makes for a classic, elevated look and is lovely with minimal designs like this personal stationery.


Remember, this is just the beginning. There are various weights and colors to choose from too! Your invitation designer will help you choose the right cardstock for your vision and budget.

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